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    H&E Energy carries out building work, connections and electromechanical assemblies for the realisation of electrical transformation sub-stations for high and medium voltage.
    The work for the construction of electrical substations consists in the construction of reinforced concrete structures, namely containment walls and/or fencing, foundations for electrical equipment, factory parts necessary to enclose the power and tele-control electromechanical equipment, as well as all the apparatus necessary for their operation.
    The power station produces energy, transmission lines take Energy to the substations or transformer stations (cabins) where it is converted from very high voltage to 130 KV. From here another network leads to the smaller, medium/low voltage cabins where it is converted from 130 kV to 66 KV or medium voltage.
    The substations represent the first phase of power distribution: from the transmission line to the substation. Power lines convey power, the substations convert it.